Postgraduate Course in Tourism Business Management (Online)


The volume of business generated by tourism and expectations of future growth allows to call it the “first industry of the century”.

The Escola Superior Balear aware of the demand for professionals with training adapted to the requirements of the changing market, offers a practical and comprehensive program, covering various sectors and subsectors of tourism.

Facing the overall management of the tourism company’s international expansion, planning and launching, it incorporates the latest innovations in tourism management and advances in research related to the growing tourism business.


– To provide a theoretical and practical training in different areas within a tourism company. The postgraduate course counts with a wide variety of case studies of tourism, hospitality, leisure and entertainment businesses at national and international level.

– To update knowledge in important areas such as strategy, marketing, reception, leisure and entertainment or quality of service as well as in areas such as innovative new technologies and their application in the world of tourism.


– To give added value to all who take the course in order to improve their professional or economic conditions in the tourism sector.


– Implement the acquired business knowledge, and ensure the professionalism of the job.

Addressed to

Travel trade and hospitality industry or people who want to work in this sector. The course is aimed at professionals and entertainment tourism businesses such as hotels, apartments, tour operators, retail travel agencies, responsive services, agencies involved in tourism, transport companies (restaurants, bars…) and all those small businesses engaged in tourism. Degrees, graduates and professionals with no qualifications are included.

Module 1: Leadership and Management in the tourism business (50 hours)

1. Strategic management of the tourism company.

a. Mission and vision.

b. SWOT analysis.

c. Strategic plans.

2. Introduction to economical and financial analisis in the tourism sector.

3. Quality of Service

a. Top marketing techniques.

b. The customer as the backbone.

c. Communication and assertiveness.


Module 2: Organization of the hotels (100 hours)

Reception Departament 

1. Organization and functions of the recepton department.

2. Interdepartmental relationships.

3. Reservations. Management and organization.

        a. Functions.

        b. Sheet, book reservations and customer record.

        c. The reservation plannings. Managing the list of arrivals.

        d. Forecasts and booking process.

4. Reception desk. Management and organization.

a. Functions.

b. Rack Room rates

c. Allocation of reservations.

d. Forms.

e. Special attentions.

f. Control of the baggage.

g. Slip.

h. Registration Card.

i. Part of entry.

j. Rappels.

k. Billing

l. Groups Management


Department of Tourist Entertainment

1. The role of the tourist entertainer.

        a. Qualities and skills.

        b. Functions and duties.

2. Design of animation programs

        a. Creating animation planning.

        b. Types of activities and goals.

        c. Regulation of specific activities.

        d. Security

3. Groups entertainment.

4. Children’s entertainment.

5. Makeup and characterization.

        a. Wardrobe

        b. Bricolage.

        c. Decoration.

        d. Equipment and staging materials.

        e. Production of assemblies.

        f. Music and choreography.

6. Advertising activities.


Catering Department

1. Preparation of menus, and buffet menu cycles. Gastronomic and nutritional balance.

2. Management and cost control.

3. Procurement and product portfolio.

4. Adapting work processes in a production kitchen.

5. Teamwork as a formula for success in catering equipment.


Module 3: Internships in the companies

The Escola Superior Balear maintains multiple framework agreements with hotel chains and tourism companies. Graduate education includes conducting internships in tourism and hospitality businesses throughout Spain.


Internships in companies and hotels are a reinforcement of the content purchased online at the postgraduate course, which allow them to practice in real situations.

Online mode.

The online mode postgraduate course makes use of new technologies applied to training, facilitating the process of student learning through the interactive aspects of the online methodology, promoting and providing educational dynamics based on collaboration, communication and access to a vast amount of information resources.


Learning through this type of method, becomes an active and constructive process. The student works with a research-oriented attitude, analise and organize information, generates questions and concerns through an open and ongoing communication, not only with the professor, but also with other participating groups increasing their capacity to assimilate the knowledge.


The collaboration, through group work, and practice activities to solve problems, investigate, analyze, organize and share information, allows the student to develop an open and flexible mind, whilest acquiring the ability to develop projects from the proper use of new technologies.


Degree in Education from the University of the Balearic Islands. Masters in Human Resources from the University of Vic Recruitment Expert. Director of Academic Coordination Escola Superior Balear. Coordinator of distance learning and on-line at Escola Superior Balear.



BA in Humanities and Spanish Language from the University of Antioquia (Medellin-Colombia). Master in ICT in Education: Analysis and design of processes, resources and training internship by the University of Salamanca. Master of Virtual Learning Environments at the University of Panama. Coordinator of distance learning and on-line at Escola Superior Balear and Forempresa.

Postgraduate Diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management awarded by the University of Alfonso X El Sabio.


University’s of Alfonso X El Sabio own title, issued under Article 34.3 of the Organic Law 6/2001, of 21 of December, about Universities.


The Alfonso X el Sabio University is a private university of great prestige and recognition nationally and internationally. It is the University of the Business, and has one of the highest rates of job placement for its students. It is the Spanish private university with major number of students.

Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management online: 150 hours.

Theoretical training lasts for 6 months. The internship in companies can be developed simultaneously or after the theoretical training.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management costs 1,490 euros.

Important: Escola Superior Balear is a non-profit organization, throughout its Foundation, gives to each student a scholarship to the students of 68% of the price.


Price of the postgraduate course: 1,490 euros.

Escola Superior Balear Foundation Scholarship: 1,000 euros

Graduate Final price: 490 euros.


All included: Access to the Virtual Campus, tutoring, teaching and audiovisual materials, issue of degree.


Payment: One payment in advance.